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About CPT
Vision Statement:
A Facilitation Center thriving on its healthy, ongoing relationship with industry and university graduates, keeping abreast of and surpassing the needs and expectations of the ever-changing professional environment

Mission Statement:
To change students lives by delivering a guided and relevant path of career choice through effective collaboration with industry; and by providing meaningful employment, making Iqrians more employable and both socially and personally effective, preparing them for key positions in organizations where they produce value added contributions beyond recruiters expectations, thereby filling the market gap of academically equipped practitioners.

  • Create strong ties with the corporate sector through extensive networking and career-oriented activities such as job fairs, Executive events, and meetings aimed at improving and establishing a curriculum based on market needs
  • Publish and distribute an annual graduate profile directory
  • Work closely with faculty to strengthen students application skills by providing opportunities to assign course projects that are work-based and appropriate to students academic level
  • Work closely with thesis supervisors to ensure students are updated on recent corporate issues and develop critical, analytical and problem solving skills through thesis projects
  • Offer career counseling services to help students identify career goals, find employment opportunities that match their needs, and critically analyze and improve their CVs and cover letters
  • Arrange counseling sessions conducted by professionals and alumni through the development of a Mentorship Program
  • Arrange on-campus interviews and company presentations
  • Update students on latest employment opportunities through email, notice boards, computer displays and sms
  • Conduct regular workshops on CV making, cover letters, interviews and personal grooming
  • Maintenance of student, alumni and industry database
  • Provide students a useful learning experience of the working environment through internship opportunities
  • Provide awareness of the culture and structure of a working environment through seminars
  • Develop new capabilities/skills through work-related workshops
  • Facilitate students interested in higher studies opportunities out of the country
Current Services:
  • Sending latest information through email, on campus announcements and sms on job and internship opportunities
  • Conducting workshops on resume building
  • Sharing articles on resume building, career choices, interview tips and job hunting
  • Arranging on campus job/internship interviews
  • Arranging workshops/seminars conducted by alumnus and/or industrialists on topics identified as important for students
  • Managing Alumni Reunion Dinners and alumni related events
  • Facilitating alumni desires to work with IUIC
  • Visiting off campus job fairs
  • Managing annual Open House events for industrialists and following up on implementing common areas of collaboration
  • Managing the Internship Program
  • Developing linkages with industrialists and facilitating networking opportunities between industrialists, faculty, current students and alumni
  • Developing the Mentorship Program


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